دليل المستخدم

How to find products

Search by product name or product code

When searching for the product found at the shop, catalog or ads posted online, click the icon "" in the header to display the search box. You can easily search for the desired product simply by entering the product name or item number.

Search from features

You can choose your favorite items from featured products that gathered items from the new arrivals or best seller items.

Search from the total coordination series

coordinating series that makes it easy to create your favorite room with a sense of unity. You can choose your favorite room from among a variety of variations.

Search by product category

You can search your favorite items from the category such as Living Room / Dining Room / Bedroom etc. Each category is divided into price, size, function, etc, easy searching for merchandise · smooth.

Flow from purchase to request completion

If you are a member, please enter email add and password, log in and proceed.

If you are not a member, please register from the new registration or press the button to purchase the guest and proceed according to the instructions.

Please specify the delivery destination and order method and proceed to the confirmation screen.

If you do not mistake the contents of the confirmation screen, click "Complete the order" button, the request will be completed.

About availability

About the stock situation at the time of net ordering, you can check on the product details page.

In addition, the delivery date varies by area.

For some items, you can confirm the shortest delivery date by specifying the prefecture of the addressee.

※ It will be the shortest day of reference. We will inform you of the exact date by order procedure.

About store inventory display

You can check the display · stock status from the "store inventory display" button arranged on the product page. (For furniture, there will be exhibits / no display.)

However, the inventory situation of shops changes day by day. Please contact us for inquiries about

the handling and inventory status of products of the store by inquiry form or telephone.

Notes on ordering

  • There are products with limited quantity, so please forgive us when out of stock.
  • The specifications and prices of the listed items may be changed without prior notice, or handling may be canceled.
  • We will refuse your order intended for resale.
  • Our products are for general household use. It is not a structure assuming business use.
  • We have updated availability status every day, but it may be out of stock at the time of ordering.
  • If you wait until arrival, due to out of stock, we will accept cancellation upon delivery date confirmation.
  • Sometimes the color, texture and spot look slightly different from the color tone and resolution of the monitor screen.
  • If the rooms to be delivered are different in apartment houses etc, please order for each room.
  • Directed items are not included in the product.

How to Order

For delivery date · total payment amount, we will contact you by email or telephone two days later. (Excluding New Year's holidays)

Put the item you want in the cart
  • Please select the item you want and click on the "Add to Cart" button to proceed with shopping.
Check in the cart
  • Contents of the cart - A list of products you selected with quantity, unit price, total price of the products and the summary of order are displayed.
  • Continue shopping as it is - If you continue to continue shopping, please press the "Back (Continue shopping)" button.
  • Remove Item - Please click "Trash icon" on the right side of the product list.
  • When you want to change the quantity - Please change the "Quantity" column of the order item list to the quantity you would like.
  • Proceed to checkout - To purchase the item in the cart, please press the "Proceed to Checkout (proceed to purchase procedure)" button.
  • After completion of the shipping address and personal address, click complete order to proceed to payment page.
  • From the payment page, you can choose your payment method to use credit/debit card or bank deposit.
  • For successful payment, you will receive email of your order and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible generally within a few hours to confirm your order.

Troubles during ordering

In case of trouble such as occurrence of error in the middle of ordering, the screen becomes pure white, the product does not enter the cart, etc., it may be solved by enabling javascript, cleaning browser, or use updated browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. or check your internet speed.

If you do not solve the problem even if you did the instruction properly, please click here to contact us.

Confirmation of your order

"Thank you for shopping with us, your order has been created."
Confirm by e-mail
After completing your order, you will receive an "Thank you for shopping with us, your order has been created." e-mail from habitat.com.sa/habitat-furniture.com to the e-mail address you are registering.

If you do not receive your order confirmation email, there is a possibility that the order has not been completed or the mail from habitat.com.sa/habitat-furniture.com is not delivered. Please click here to contact us.

Delivery and Pickup

1. The company provides shopping and handling for all purchases in major cities province including(Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar and Medina). In case of other cities, we arrange for shipping for a pre-approved fee.

2. The company arranges shipping and handling for all purchased to gulf Countries for a pre-approved fee.

3. Customer has the right to collect his/her purchases directly from store or warehouse under customer responsibility.

4. The company offers free storage for 30 days from purchase

5. The company charges a weekly storage fee which is 0.5% of the invoice value for a maximum period of 6 months. In case of exceeding this period, the invoice is subject to cancellation and the cost of storage will be charged.

About Payment Amount

The payment amount will be as follows.
Payment amount = display price (tax not included) + shipping cost (excluding tax) + consumption tax
* We do not accept the use of coupon tickets, gift certificates, etc. at the net shop
Please note.

Payment Method

Credit cards that can be used at our shop are cards marked with VISA and MASTERCARD. * Please understand beforehand that it may not be available depending on the issue form even if it is the above card.

Only you can use the card of the person who ordered himself.
If the name of the customer and the card holder are different, confirmation of the order content and shipment of the order item may be stopped and it is sometimes received.
※ In order to prevent unauthorized use, we may ask you to confirm the identity of the person in charge when using the issue card, and change the settlement method.

* Debit cards are available. It may be settled immediately at the time of application.
In addition, please contact the card issuing company for details such as refunds due to order cancellation / return.
* As soon as your order is confirmed, a claim to the credit company will occur.
(If it takes days to deliver the item, it may be charged beforehand.)
* If you have purchased with a credit card, if there is a refund · amount change, we will charge you once After that, we may refund your money again.

Return and Exchange Policy

1. يحق للعميل إستبدال البضاعة الغير مسلمة خلال أسبوع فقط من تاريخ الفاتورة بنفس القيمة أو إسترجاع القيمة شريطة إن لم تخرج البضاعة من المستودع.

2. في حال عدم إستلام العميل البضاعة خلال 90 يوما تلغلى الفاتورة تلقائيا, و يجوز للعميل فقط استبدال قيمتها بأصناف أخرى.

3. يحق للعميل استبدال البضاعة المسلمة او استرجاع قيمتها خلال 7 أيام من تاريخ الاستلام لوجود عيب مصنعي شرط اعادتها بكرتونها الأصلي.

4. لا يحق للعميل استبدال او ارجاع البضاعة لوجود عيب ناتج عن سوء استخدام.

5. تأكد من صحة طلبك, حيث لا يجوز التمسك بشروط لم يسبق الإتفاق عليها كتابة.